lets looking forward.....whatever have passed just left it behind...so!!!lets ENJOY!!!!yeAA!!!hee~~~

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Catatan buat 'My boss'

Assalamualaikum guys...
Hari ni mood sgt tak baik..
n post hari ini actually luahan hati utk bos saya...

Good things about you...
1) You are good looking
2) Your communication skill is really good
3) Your confidence level is very high
4) You are very energetic, happy go lucky..
5)All your work is very detail
6) You can pursue people, influence people with your thoughts
6) Some how you inspired people with all your skills - above
7) You are a very good actor (pretending)

Bad Things about you
1) You always listen to miss B
2) You dont ever care about your people
3) You prioritize work - which will give 'benefit' to you
4) you really love entertain people, while your work is not done
5) You are not telling the truth..always 'pusing2'
6) You are bias
7) You approved something without reviewing it ...
once the problem occur.. you said you dont know anything ..
8) You always change.. depan orang ni ckp lain.. dpn orang lain ckp lain..
9) You are not a good friend.. btw you are a good enemy
10) You are too busy body..
11) You nak bergaul dgn org atasan je... yg bawah you pijak2..
(you should know org bwh ni yang akan naik kan you)
12) You adalah gunting dalam lipatan
13) You tak tahu miss b yang you ikut je ckp dia tu.. selalu sgt mengutuk you

Actually byk lg..
tapi cukup la..
I nak kongsi ni dgn u..


Btw you might be a 'good' boss.. not a leader..
one thing i want you to know..
sedar la..Dunia ni bulat..
Hidup kita macam kitaran..
sekejap kita dia atas..
sekejap kita di bawah..
Ingatlah Allah..
Tak de ape yang mustahil bg Allah
Kalau Allah nak tarik nikmat tu semua.. Kejap je...
i doakan u...
semoga u berjaya dunia akhirat...


~intan juaini~

Monday, 2 September 2013

My Birthday...

Hi everyone,

 I have many stories that I want to share with you all guys,
yesterday is my 24th Birthday...
everything going smoothly..

listed birthday present,

1. pindah ke rumah baru ... which is condominium yg lebih selesa n cantik... 
n ramai kawan2.. 

2. my mum buat open house ... on my birthday including sambut raya sekali la...

3. dpt offer letter utk sambung blaja.. ke peringkat master...di UTM 
(but... yuran dia sgt la mahal k.. so still din have any decision either will continue or not) 

4. Get to know.. many frens.. from ESH BOOT CAMP..at TIM...
all the participants is like a FAMILY to me..

for now.. what can I conclude.. my birthday is such a happy day for me..
but until now.. i din get any cake yet..and no surprise birthday party for me... 
(how sad rite... but nvm.. I wish it gonna be next year.. if still not .. postponed to the others yearsssss
until..dpt la wish  yg seperti di atas...)
and any material as a present.. ( some time need to be materialistics.. :-))

but.. i had special request to ili..n some others..
i really hope.. it will be reality..
what is it..? it is secret..
if my dream come true.. i will share it with you guys later...

ok..its enough..
da pnjg ni...
k la guys.. 
see you next time..

~intan juaini~

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ijazah ku tidak sia-sia

Assalamualaikun guys...
mesti u olss pelik..
why suddenly.. i selalu wrote in my blog now..
even me...not sure y..
maybe because.. semangat nak menulis tu da dtg blk..

hari ni hjg minggu ke2 berpuasa..
sepeti biasa... hujung minggu puasa mestila di hometown..
hari ni my mumm...
buat chicken chopp..
sgt la sedap k...

tp .. what i want to higlights in today story..
act..related to the preparation for raya..
kemas rumah utk raya..
betulkan semua lampu yang tak menyala..

di sebabkan dalam rumah ni..
hanya la saya seorang memilik Ijazah in electrical n electronic eng..
everyone expected me... 
to do that...

but you guess what..
even warna2 wire pun.. i da tak ingat..
n it become worse... bila warna wire dia pelik..
selalu nye.. tiga wayar tu berwarna.. hijau, coklat and biru...
dekat rumah ni.. hijau (yang ni ok la..) hitam and putih...

bercelaru la saya.. nak mengingat kembali..
even kerja pun da tak guna pengetahuan electric skang ni...

but finally.. after some try and error..
and experiments..
i manage to turn the lights on..
(yea!!!! tak sia2 ada ijazah dalam elctric)
prove it to my whole family...

watever is that..
lessons for today.. you must remember all what you had studied..
not only for exam..
it is also important for our life..

k la..
da pjg da..
lain kali kite share story lagi ea..
bubye semua..
semoga berjumpa lgi..

~intan juaini~

Friday, 19 July 2013

10 hari berpuasa

Assalamualaikum guys,
As u olsss know, today is hari ke 10 berpuasa..
time goes by so fast rite..
20 hari lagi nak raya...

byk sgt duit nak kena spent ni.....
roadtax kereta expired august..
utk hidup kan roadtax.. semua saman2 kena la bayar...
+ my carl ask for service again....
+ duit raya anak2 buah ku...
+ preaparation raya utk diri sendiri 
( will be optional la...sbb kalau x de duit..ni tak pyh la..)
huarghhh...sedey nye..

my dearest frens..
i really hope i can went through all this..
let pray for it together rite..

ok..last but not least..
tak nak la sedih..
after hbs kerja hari ni..
straight away going back to SLIM RIVER..
my hometown..
sure my mum will prepare all delicious food for me..
nyum3....tak sabarnye...
lapr da...(telan air liur..gulp..)
heee... k la..da pjg ni..
see u next time guys..

~intan juaini~

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

7 bulan bersarang....

Assalamualakum u olsss,
Im a little bit surprise
and just realize,
that i din post any story for 2013 yet..
and guess what??
now already july 2013..
oooo maiiii... how long i din have time to wrote in my own blog..
so sad rite...

As per i know, it started once i joined FESH department..
to summarize what happen in this 7 month..
it will be a longgggggggggg post/story..
so tak payah la kan...

What can I said
a lot of new knowledge and experience i gain...
this department is so wondefull...
but... macam org melayu kata..
hidup kita macam kitaran ...sekejap di atas...sekejap kita di bawah...

rasa berdosa pada blog sendiri...
kalau bukan sbb tgh down sekarang ni..mesti kite tak jengah blog ni lg...
lg bersarang la nampaknye...

i really hope..
sedih ni akan berakhir..
kawan2 doakan kite ye..
thanks guys..

*btw some pics for your view guys*

Floria 2013

My new Team (aliff and puteri x de )


~intan juaini~

~My Songs~