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Monday, 2 September 2013

My Birthday...

Hi everyone,

 I have many stories that I want to share with you all guys,
yesterday is my 24th Birthday...
everything going smoothly..

listed birthday present,

1. pindah ke rumah baru ... which is condominium yg lebih selesa n cantik... 
n ramai kawan2.. 

2. my mum buat open house ... on my birthday including sambut raya sekali la...

3. dpt offer letter utk sambung blaja.. ke peringkat master...di UTM 
(but... yuran dia sgt la mahal k.. so still din have any decision either will continue or not) 

4. Get to know.. many frens.. from ESH BOOT CAMP..at TIM...
all the participants is like a FAMILY to me..

for now.. what can I conclude.. my birthday is such a happy day for me..
but until now.. i din get any cake yet..and no surprise birthday party for me... 
(how sad rite... but nvm.. I wish it gonna be next year.. if still not .. postponed to the others yearsssss
until..dpt la wish  yg seperti di atas...)
and any material as a present.. ( some time need to be materialistics.. :-))

but.. i had special request to ili..n some others..
i really hope.. it will be reality..
what is it..? it is secret..
if my dream come true.. i will share it with you guys later...

ok..its enough..
da pnjg ni...
k la guys.. 
see you next time..

~intan juaini~

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