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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Catatan buat 'My boss'

Assalamualaikum guys...
Hari ni mood sgt tak baik..
n post hari ini actually luahan hati utk bos saya...

Good things about you...
1) You are good looking
2) Your communication skill is really good
3) Your confidence level is very high
4) You are very energetic, happy go lucky..
5)All your work is very detail
6) You can pursue people, influence people with your thoughts
6) Some how you inspired people with all your skills - above
7) You are a very good actor (pretending)

Bad Things about you
1) You always listen to miss B
2) You dont ever care about your people
3) You prioritize work - which will give 'benefit' to you
4) you really love entertain people, while your work is not done
5) You are not telling the truth..always 'pusing2'
6) You are bias
7) You approved something without reviewing it ...
once the problem occur.. you said you dont know anything ..
8) You always change.. depan orang ni ckp lain.. dpn orang lain ckp lain..
9) You are not a good friend.. btw you are a good enemy
10) You are too busy body..
11) You nak bergaul dgn org atasan je... yg bawah you pijak2..
(you should know org bwh ni yang akan naik kan you)
12) You adalah gunting dalam lipatan
13) You tak tahu miss b yang you ikut je ckp dia tu.. selalu sgt mengutuk you

Actually byk lg..
tapi cukup la..
I nak kongsi ni dgn u..


Btw you might be a 'good' boss.. not a leader..
one thing i want you to know..
sedar la..Dunia ni bulat..
Hidup kita macam kitaran..
sekejap kita dia atas..
sekejap kita di bawah..
Ingatlah Allah..
Tak de ape yang mustahil bg Allah
Kalau Allah nak tarik nikmat tu semua.. Kejap je...
i doakan u...
semoga u berjaya dunia akhirat...


~intan juaini~

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