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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

En Tunang


Post kali ni berkisahkan tentang tunang tersayang..
kenapa nak ckp psl dia ea.. 
harap2 dia baca la post ni.. 
(Walaupun tahu dalam hati x mungkin)
tp just nak jd kan ini one memory.. which whenever i read this post again..
i will senyum.. :-)

actually.. now in a process in choosing dates for our wedding and receptions..
memang pening kpala.. because family push for other dates..
and en tunang push for different dates..
I in the middle.. pening ...zzzzzz

So... i decide,, tak nak discuss about this things..
i just follow the flow.. because both x nak mengalah...
so.. biar kan..

during the discussion with him... suddenly i was thinking to ask..
either he has anything to share with me..

then he started.. to advice me on something..
and ask me to avoid doing all that things..

at first i accept it..
then he ask me back..
lidah become kelu x terkata..
i dont have anything to complaint about him..
i dont know why... but i just accept the way he treat me,..
Do I really loves him this much...

I dont know.. 
and suddenly feel sad..
because he can speak out a lot of things about me..
but not for me..
i am not saying he is not loves me.. but i was thinking.. is it i am not good enough for him?

so i just said sorry to him...
but i think.. i am not complaining.. because i just accept him as what he are..
i will change myself to adapt with him..
I hope he can do the same..
we are not perfect..we are together to complete each other..

I love you en tunang... :-)

~intan juaini~

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